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About Us

iDEAL Energies is the premier Minneapolis-based commercial solar energy developer with 400+ commercial systems currently in operation and 100+ projects under construction. Our seamless vertical integration allows us to develop, design, install, finance, and operate turn-key solar energy systems across multiple sectors including commercial for-profit businesses, non-profits, cities, counties, schools, and non-profits. iDEAL’s affiliated companies provide development, financing, engineering, construction, operation, and maintenance.

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Why choose iDEAL?

We’re business people, just like you. We understand that solar is a financial transaction, first and foremost.

With a 26% tax credit available through 2020, there’s never been a better time to go solar. iDEAL offers a unique approach to financing. We pair system payments with the time you realize the monetary benefits from owning your solar array.

The net result? Your transaction is always net cashflow positive.

Our Motivation

We operate within a code of conduct that places significant value on integrity, quality, and accountability as the foundation for everything we do.

Turnkey Development

We take pride in delivering turnkey commercial solar solutions engineered and installed to the highest standards in order to provide reliable operations over the life of your solar array.

Solar Expertise and Resources

At iDEAL, we have the know-how to capitalize on all available incentives to help fund our client’s projects. When coupled with our expertise and low-cost financing options, iDEAL delivers exceptional outcomes.

Commitment to Sustainability

At iDEAL, we want to help you achieve your sustainability initiatives in a way that achieves the best possible return on your solar investment.

Awards & Certifications

2020 – 2016 Top 500 Solar Contractor of North America by Solar Power World

2017 & 2016 Top 50 Solar Developer North America by Solar Power World

NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional