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Equipment Selection and Warranty

iDEAL has selected manufacturers that provide industry-leading warranties. iDEAL works with equipment vendors to resolve any warranty issues relating to the system components on the customers behalf.

Equipment Selection & Warranties

At iDEAL Energies, we only pick premier vendors in the marketplace that conform with the requirements of the site, engineering requirements, ease of construction, and ongoing warranty and maintenance compatibility.

Additional selection criteria includes:

  • Equipment Warranties
  • Country of Origin
  • Vendor Financial Health & Market Share
  • Compatability with iDEAL’s processes for engineering, construction and procurement timelines.

iDEAL works with equipment vendors to resolve any warranty issues relating to the system components on the customers behalf. During the first year, warranty claims are processed and resolved at iDEAL’s expense. In following years, iDEAL will assist in the process of warranty claims and installation on a time and material basis.

Solar Modules

Silfab Solar’s headquarters and manufacturing operations are 100%  in North America. Their fully automated manufacturing facility produces the lowest defect rate in the industry. All of their modules use high efficiency mono cells. The financial viability of  their company, high level of research and demand, history in the solar market and advanced manufacturing makes Silfab Solar a Tier 1 company, as determined by Blomberg New Energy Finance.

Our preferred panels now carry even better warranties. Silfab Solar provides a product workmanship warranty of 25 years and a power output guarantee of 30 years. This extension of the standard panel warranty is a result of 30 years of module performance and extensive product testing, which confirms that Silfab Solar modules can continue to produce maximum power and remain free of defects for decades.


Silfab Solar


Inverters and Optimizers

SolarEdge direct current inverters incorporate optimizers where standard string inverters do not. Optimizers allow for single point failures within a solar array to not affect a large portion of the array, creating more production and additional safety by lowering voltage along the array. The inverter will automatically shut down during an electrical outage, a further safety mechanism.





Racking systems for flat roof, pitched roof, and ground mount installs ensures that the solar array will maximize production while maintaing the building integrity. iDEAL’s racking is evaluated and approved by structural and civil engineers on each project.


Unirac RM10 (for flat roofs)


PanelClaw (for flat roofs)


Unistrut GFT (for pitched roofs)


AP Alternative (for ground mounts)




Safeguarding Against Insolvency

The warranties themselves are not insured against insolvency.  However, iDEAL designs redundancies into our systems that safeguards against manufacturer insolvency.  Our solar arrays do not incorporate any proprietary components and the system design allows for multiple sources of supply and/or repair. Should a product become unavailable for any reason, the equipment can be replaced by similar (72 cell 1000V) products from other manufacturers without rebuilding the system.

These extra safeguards include:

  • Panels that are interchangeable with other manufactures without changing additional components
  • Optimizers allow panels to operate independently so if one fails, the others in the strings still perform at full capacity
  • In larger systems, multiple inverters are used so that the whole system doesn’t go down if one inverter fails.

Additionally, SolarEdge’s free monitoring platform provides accurate and remote troubleshooting for real-time system issues, which translates to fast and efficient resolution of issues.