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City of New Brighton

New Brighton is a century old city that is truly young at heart. New Brighton is ideally located at the intersection of I-694 and I-35W, a 15-minute ride to downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul. New Brighton offers 13 neighborhood parks, an exceptional community center called Eagles Nest featuring one of the largest indoor playgrounds in the Twin Cities, a full-size gym, indoor track, and fitness center.

New Brighton prides itself on its excellent schools, many lakes, acres of parks and recreational facilities such as Brightwood Hills a beautiful executive golf course, a wide range of beautiful housing developments, a progressive business community, and numerous additional clubs and organizations.

This community’s greatest asset however is its people! They are warm and hospitable with most actively engaged in their community making New Brighton a great place to live, work and do business. It was truly our pleasure working on this project for the betterment of the City of New Brighton.

Public / Governmental
Square Footage of Array:
40,000 sf
Facility Size:
17,000 sf
System Size:
201 kWDC
Live Since:
Solar*Rewards since 2018; PV Credit since 2020
New Brighton


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