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Seacole is a leader in the specialty chemical industry. Due to the nature of their work, the safety and security of Seacole’s power supply was a top concern. The company also has long-term sustainability goals, which include reducing the firm’s carbon footprint while saving money on energy costs.

In summer 2020, Seacole, a chemical distributor and manufacturer based in Plymouth, Minnesota, partnered with iDEAL Energies to help them save money in energy costs while fulfilling their corporate sustainability goals. The 186.34 kWDC array will produce approximately 30 percent of Seacole’s total energy consumption in the first year.

Completing the Solar Array installation with iDEAL aligned perfectly with our belief and commitment of responsibility to the environment. To be green or environmentally friendly at the most basic level is to execute decisions, manage operations, and manufacture products with the purpose of minimizing the negative impact on people, nature, and the environment.

At Seacole, we strive for purposeful design and formulation of chemistry to prevent, reduce, or eliminate the generation of hazardous products following the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry, endorsed by the American Chemical Society.

Private / Manufacturing
Square Footage of Array:
15,000 sf
Facility Size:
55,260 sf
System Size:
186.34 kWDC
Live Since:
August 2020


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