Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Maximize carbon neutrality by offsetting consumption from grid with on-site renewable energy sources.

Boost US Energy Independence

Increasing our capacity to generate electricity as a country insulates our country from price fluctuations in global energy markets. This contributes to greater economic, political and environmental stability.

Support a Clean Energy Transition

By installing your own solar energy capacity, you are directly supporting our National and State economy’s transition to clean energy, as well as supporting the rapid growth of jobs in the clean energy sector.


Receive Financial Returns

When you partner with iDEAL Energies to own your  solar asset, we structure the financing so that your investment is cash flow positive from day one. With energy savings built in, you receive 100% of the energy savings from the array after the quick payback period.

Reduce Electrical Expenses

Reduce kWh purchased from the utility by using energy produced from your solar array. Excess energy production goes back to the grid & generates a credit on your utility bill.

Hedge Utility Costs.

Historically, electricity prices increase ~ 4% annually. Hedge against rising utility costs by owning your energy with commercial solar. As rates rise, your savings increase!

With an expected lifetime of 40 years, solar panels are more reliable and efficient than ever and will give you peace of mind in a fluctuating energy market.

Reap Tax Benefits

With the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and Federal & State Tax Depreciation, you can recognize cash benefits by placing a solar array in service. The current ITC is 26% and will drop to 10% by 2024.

By combining the 26% tax credit with depreciation, more than 60% of the system’s cost is covered by the tax incentives alone!

Leading by Example

Corporate Responsibility

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, both within the organization and in the greater community while increasing employee morale and retention. Businesses that choose to operate responsibly are recognized & rewarded by their communities.

Increase Property Value 

Due to the energy savings associated with the array, there is an intrinsic value to the system that is reflected in your property value. Building improvements such as solar can improve property performance through two avenues:

  • Lower Operating Expenses: Lowering your operating expenses raises your operating income which results in a higher property sale value via the capitalization rate.
  • Raise Top-line Revenues: Tenants in sustainably minded markets want to represent their brand in a socially conscious manner and frequently seek out these attributes. Accordingly, properties with solar can command higher prices. This also can provide tenants with a compelling reason to extend the terms of their lease, increasing the NPV.

Freedom to Market

When you own the system, you own the renewable energy credits. For our PV Demand Credit customers, you own your RECs on Day 1 and can publicize that your business is “powered by solar” and your “Carbon footprint is reduced by solar”


For our school customers, we offer a curriculum package that encourages your students to explore solar energy and the world. As K-12 education adapts to new ways of teaching and learning, it has become that much more important to provide you with materials and resources to support you and your staff.  

We have created a science-based module that engages students in the real work of STEM professionals to develop their understanding of solar energy, STEM careers, teamwork, design, and real-world issues.  Building on our solar expertise, we collaborated with an experienced science educator and educational leader to create a problem-based learning (PBL) module that is standards-aligned, inquiry-based, hands-on, and engages elementary and/or middle school students in true cooperative learning.